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Time to Turn Up the Heat!

Pretty soon it’s going to be time to TURN UP THE HEAT!

Watching the weather forecast last night I was very excited to see that we will have temperatures that are much warmer than normal for the next week or so.  However my warm weather bubble was quickly burst when they explained that winter is coming back…with a vengeance it seems!

I’m sure I would completely butcher the meteorological explanation that was given as to why this change will happen but the point it is it will.  Is your company prepared to handle all the influx of calls you will receive when temperatures hit the projected record lows?  Murphy’s Law says it will happen…coldest days of the season so far and furnaces are going to stop working…

With The Answer Network we can handle the influx of calls for you.  We can gather your caller’s information and dispatch it to your technician on call to handle all of your appointment scheduling this winter. Your caller’s level of frustration won’t grow when they reach an answering machine that can’t help them.  Speaking to one of our friendly and courteous telephone service representatives will ensure them that their service problem has been reported and will be handled in a timely fashion.  This offers your customers peace of mind and your company the revenue from a service call.  That’s a Win Win!

Give us a call today to discuss how our answering service can help your company handle your calls during a cold winter!  Let The ANSWER Network be your ANSWER for all your call handling needs.