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The Answer Network Helps Contractors Be Successful

The life of a small business owner is not easy.

If you’re a contractor of any sort, you undoubtedly have a lot on your plate. There’s the work to be completed at different job sites, scheduling crews, making personnel decisions, troubleshooting problems, providing excellent customer service and marketing your business so you can keep doing it all over again.

Regardless of your service or market, there are a number of business aspects that every contractor must do well to separate themselves from the crowd.

  1. Be available to customers: Most customers prefer speaking to a human rather than an automated voice. Of course, having all of the previously mentioned responsibilities makes it tough to answer your phone throughout the day. The Answer Network’s capabilities can make customer service easier. We can answer calls on a 24/7 basis, personalize greetings to your specifications, schedule appointments, relay messages and more. You can utilize us for after-hours calls, emergencies, or on a full-time basis.
  2. Control your costs: It’s not uncommon for smaller contracting businesses to go out of business because they don’t have a good handle on overhead costs. Creating a budget – and sticking to it – is a key component of successful businesses. The Answer Network can help you control the costs of doing business by customizing our pricing models. You only pay for the services you use and there are no monthly commitments or contracts.
  3. It’s OK to outsource: At a certain point, you realize that you really can’t do everything – and that’s OK. We’re all humans here. The Answer Network gives you a virtual receptionist to serve as an extra member of your customer service team without having to pay a full-time receptionist.
  4. Use best business practices: If you’re new to the business, it may take some time to determine what those practices may be. Losing business due to inconsistent customer service or phone answering is a very real concern in the industry. Ensure that you’re always giving customers a professional introduction to your business when you utilize The Answer Network.

For more information about how The Answer Network can benefit your painting, remodeling or contracting business, call 888-265-8170 or contact us online.