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Let’s Talk: Advantages Of Live Customer Service Reps

When customer retention is on the line, you must provide the best call service as possible. Automated services are a cost-effective way to answer quick questions, but speaking with a service representative gets the job done quicker with better results.

The Answer Network can provide your company with live answering services and remote receptionists with the knowledge to direct and answer questions, so your customers don’t get the runaround.


Technology is an efficient method of answering calls for simple questions with straightforward answers. However, if your customers don’t know how to communicate with automated services properly, live service reps are the best way to go.

Consider this: An automated service only gives information it’s programmed to provide. If a customer’s question falls outside those parameters, they can’t get proper solutions. Our regularly trained staff answer calls 24/7 and can assist your customers with speed and knowledge.

The convenience of a live customer service rep includes:

  • Easier communication since live conversations provide context clues machines cannot
  • Soft skills like socializing and emotional responses
  • Opportunities for customers to explain their problem and the solution they need
  • Shorter wait time and fewer call back-ups


It’s easy to become frustrated when you’re repeatedly dialing through an automated phone system. There’s a higher probability their problems will get resolved with live service reps because customers have the convenience of giving the full scope of their needs.

Our virtual assistants provide support with a personal touch, so you know your customers are getting a unique one-on-one service experience. A resolution is more likely to be reached when people can verbally explain, especially since people talk faster than they type.


Excellent customer service is always a surefire way to guarantee repeat customers. Live customer service reps are more likely to provide a higher quality level of service since we can empathize with each other’s frustrations in ways automated systems cannot.

Our goal is to offer you the very best in answering services so you can rest assured your customers have a quality experience every time. A positive encounter also means your customers will spread the word, creating an opportunity to grow your customer base.

The Answer Network has the services and capabilities you need to operate your business with excellence and consistency. Call us at 888-265-8170 or contact us online to learn more.