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Don’t Let Customer Service Take A Vacation This Summer

Does your company feel the pinch of summer with employees on vacations combined with an uptick in the number of calls coming in during the season?

Summer can be a challenging time to do business with the combination of personal and professional commitments colliding for the better part of three months. It’s difficult for any business owner to find the perfect balance of fulfilling personal and family obligations while continuing to provide the best service possible to your customers.

The Answer Network is there to help you answer the call, literally and figuratively. We can help you do more, even when you have fewer employees available. How? Let’s take a look.

Virtual Receptionist Services

Need someone on staff at all times of day to handle incoming phone calls and scheduling duties while you’re tending to your customers? The Answer Network’s virtual receptionists take care of this portion of your business from our remote location, giving you full-service benefits without hiring a full-time staff member.

Our virtual receptionists will customize their greetings and call protocol, ensuring customers are treated as you prefer. We do more than simply answering the phone – we work with your scheduling software to add appointments to your calendar and dispatch call information to you in whatever format you prefer: email, text or phone call.

Event Registration

Hosting an event or seminar requiring guests to register but don’t have the time or capabilities to manage it all? The Answer Network handles that, too.

Our event registration service has you covered, managing your online calendar and reservations. Our representatives will handle all phone and online registrations and serve as an extension of your company, fielding questions about the event. Our 24-7 capabilities mean we can take care of special event duties at any time, whether business hours or not.

Overflow Call Handling

Keeping up with phone calls and customer inquiries can be particularly challenging in the summer when you’re short-staffed. An inability to keep up with calls – and subsequent long hold times – can create poor customer experiences, which can lead to lost business.

Our overflow call handling services can help you maintain premium customer service when calls would typically back up. Your staff can focus on the customers they’re speaking to without the fear of those on hold hanging up and taking their business elsewhere.

For more information on how The Answer Network can benefit your business during the summer season, call 888-265-8170 or contact us online.