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The Benefits of SMS Messaging

For those of you like myself who are attached to their cell phones at the hip you may find this hard to believe.  Some people don’t use the text messaging feature!  There are many benefits to using text or standard messaging services on your phone in conjunction with our answering services.  Some of the many benefits include:

  • Text messages are instant.  You will receive your messages as soon as it is filed with our service so you receive your caller’s information immediately after they leave it with us.
  • Text messages are retained with your carrier.  Should you be in a location that is “out of range” your text message will be delivered to you as soon as you come back into service range.  Digital pages will not do this.  This is a wonderful feature for service technicians that have to travel to remote areas for service calls.  Their next one will come to them once they are back in range.
  • Text messages are two way.  You can reply to the message and let our service know that you received it.  This eliminates a return call to the service to pick up messages.

Many fields can benefit from SMS messaging versus digital pages or call outs to cell phones:

  • Service Technicians
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Dentists
  • Small Business Owners…the list goes on…

If you would like more informaiton on how this service could benefit your business please call us today at 540-265-8000.  We’ll be happy to get your account set up for SMS and Text!