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Answering the Call for Painters, Remodelers, Contractors

As a small business owner, you know how time tends to get eaten up by scheduling crews, troubleshooting, traveling back and forth from job sites and actually doing the work for customers. Finding time to answer the phone can easily shift down the priority list.

That’s where a 24/7/365 complete phone answering service like The Answer Network comes into play. We can take care of the telephone customer service experience part of your business, so you can focus on the painting and remodeling.

If you’re losing even a small fraction of the business you could get from callers who hang up and try someone else when you don’t answer, your bottom line is taking a hit. Many potential customers won’t leave messages, expecting reputable businesses to answer their call. The Answer Network can put a live person trained in customer service on the line for every caller, every day, every time.

There are many ways we can help your business help your customers around the clock:

  •  Personalized greetings: Your customer service representative’s greeting will mirror that of your staff’s. You can even customize it to highlight promotions or upcoming events. Having reliable, professional phone service shows your customers that you are a professional choice in your field.
  • Various notifications: You can select how you want to be notified of received calls: direct call, text, email or sms.
  • Client-specific protocols: You decide how phone calls are handled and dispatched. The Answer Network’s staff gathers information important to you and dispatches calls accordingly.
  • Scheduling assistance: Our scheduling software can handle all your appointments and meetings. When we get an appointment for your calendar, you can choose to be contacted in whichever manner you want.
  • Qualifying calls: We’ll work with you to set guidelines for a phone call to be dispatched to you or an employee. This enables you to reduce the amount of time fielding questions that could be better left to The Answer Network professionals.

For more information about how The Answer Network can benefit your painting, remodeling or contracting business, call 888-265-8170 or contact us online.