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The Answer Network works through Inclement Weather

Winter Weather!!!

Snow!  Sleet!  Blizzard Conditions!

It’s that time of year…winter is upon us.  In our area they are calling for the first true snowfall of the season.  Many of you may have already experienced this already.   Most importantly STAY SAFE!!!

I saw a post on Facebook last night that said VDOT says stay off the roads, tell bosses and schools that!  So very true!!!  Schools will close if they are calling for flurries so we are safe there…but bosses and companies are a different matter entirely.  We function 24/7/365 no matter the weather.  We have made travel arrangements, hotel arrangements etc to keep our employees safe and sound in treacherous weather conditions.  We know that we have to do that…but not all business do.

What does your business do when there is inclement weather?  Do you brave slick roads and open the office?  Do you close?

If you close but worry about missing calls from clients that are not in an inclement weather area and don’t have a method to handle that let us help you.  You can forward your phones to us and we can email or text you messages as they come in so you never miss a call.  We can even transfer the caller to your cell or home phone should you choose.  Your protocol is completely up to you!

If you think your business could benefit from this service give us a call today.  Let the Answer Network be your ANSWER for all your call handling and answering service needs.

Stay safe and warm!!!