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5 Tips for Good Telephone Interactions

The way we interact with your customers plays a key role in the success of your business. In fact, 68% of customers stop doing business with a company because an employee was rude, apathetic or insulting.

Here are some ways our staff is able to make a great impression when talking to customers over the phone.

Being Prepared

We’re always prepared to answer questions about your business. By knowing the responsibilities of each department and keeping an updated list of company information readily available, we’re able to maximize how we help your clients.


Our telephone service representatives always carry an upbeat tone. Research shows that tone has more than twice the impact on a caller than words. They also try to keep greetings short and precise. Anything longer than 5 seconds can sound unnatural and be a real turn off.

Improve communication

Making it easy for customers to communicate with your business is our top priority. We listen to callers and never interrupt them. We also take notes throughout the phone call to make sure we answer all of the caller’s questions.


Before hanging up, we repeat important information and confirm that it’s correct. We assure the caller that we’ll follow-up with everything that was discussed and ask if we can help with anything else. Before hanging up, we’re always sure to say thank you.


If we promised the caller we were going to complete a task, we make sure you know everything that was discussed so you’re able to follow-up in a reasonable timeframe.

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